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More Impetus for Joining Us March 9 in Annapolis

Recent news for the Purple Line has been decidedly mixed. The Governor delayed the request for proposals deadline by five months, based on the administration's focus on cutting costs. Nonetheless, the decision gives us an opportunity to continue to argue for the value of the line and the need to act decisively and quickly. Delaying the project might cause us to lose access to the $100 million in fiscal year 2015 funding. Incoming Sec. Rahn also has contemplated reducing the frequency of trains, which might put our high federal rankings at risk and lose our lead position in the New Starts queue. The Governor's delay in making his call until May will make it hard for the project to get the best finance rates from concessionaires and to use their best teams for finding savings. Thankfully, the legislature is on the case, but we need to keep the pressure up!

SIGN UP TO COME TO ANNAPOLIS ON MARCH 9, 5-8 pm: http://ow.ly/IPhvZ
Join a carpool or start your own: http://www.groupcarpool.com/t/y32n0u

The economic case for the value of the project remains compelling, Montgomery County Executive Leggett makes the case that the project is critical for the 85,000 to 100,000 jobs in the pipeline in Montgomery County, and that's without even counting the benefit for Prince George's and the rest of the state. Another state-wide polls has shown that the line has seventy percent support among those that have heard at least a little about it. On top of these numbers, we're also excited to share a new video made by students at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring. They do a great job of laying out the case for and against the line and showing why the support is so strong.

So let's all make sure our legislators know all the reasons that you support the project and why they need to keep fighting for it. Sec. Rahn's said that he's a transportation guy, not a highway guy and that the state isn't contemplating different routes or modes -- maybe the winds are shifting in our favor. However, no decisions are finalized yet and we need to keep making the case that the project is a great value at the cost. We've only gotten this funding state because time and again, commited supporters and partners have kept the pressure is so high. On the evening of March 9, please join us when your schedule allows for however long you can.

SIGN UP: http://ow.ly/IPhvZ

When: Monday, March 9, 2015, 5-8pm.
Where: 6 Bladen Street, Annapolis, MD. We will let you know what room to meet in by e-mail.
Who: Purple Line Now, Action Committee for Transit, and the Coalition for Smarter Growth are organizing. If you'd like to partner, write kelly@smartergrowth.net.
Getting there: We wish there was transit service to Annapolis, but since there isn't, we've set up a carpool site here: http://www.groupcarpool.com/t/y32n0u. If you need a ride, or can offer one, please sign up!
The schedule: We will be in Annapolis from 5pm-8pm, and encourage you to arrive when you can. We will have a room available at 5pm to gather and organize those going to meet with legislators. We will be scheduling meetings to start at 6pm, before legislators start their session at 8pm.

Help us flood Annapolis on March 9th - please spread the word to your networks and don't forget to wear your purple!

Thank you for your support for the Purple Line at this critical time!

We need your financial help to continue our campaign! You can donate by sending a check or online by credit card.

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