Documents Reveal Anti-Purple Line Lobbying Strategy

Bethesda Beat has reported that the town of Chevy Chase has paid over half a million dollars to lobbyists who will work to sabotage Maryland, regardless of what the Governor decides:

"If Hogan approves the project, the Buchanan memo says its lobbyists would work aggressively to put “obstacles” in the surface transportation bill.

“We would work to include obstacles to make securing the necessary Transportation Infrastructure and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loans very difficult for MTA and/or their chosen concessionaire(s),” the memo reads.

This is the part they admit to in public! Imagine what else they're up to.

Documents Reveal Anti-Purple Line Lobbying Strategy

Memo from lobbying firm to Town of Chevy Chase pitches ways to proceed after Gov. Larry Hogan decides on project.


Md. transportation chief reportedly backs Purple Line if cost is lowered

Sec. Rahn reportedly recommends building the line with $300 million in cuts and transferring costs to the counties.

Canceling the Purple Line would cost more than it would save

There's a reason that cancelling shovel ready projects like the Purple Line is unprecedented in Maryland history. It throws aways billions of investment in the state's economy while only freeing up a portion of the cost (under 23% and a large chunk of that is county money). That investment is predicted to create 27,000 new permanent jobs, bring 90,000 people w/in a half mile of the transit for the first time, and boost annual incomes by $2.2 billion. (

Gov. Hogan Hears Purple Line Pitch, County Executives Hopeful

While the deadline for an answer was pushed back until June, both County Executives sounded hopeful emerging from the meeting today.

Leggett said the governor listened intently to the arguments for the Purple Line, but didn’t indicate if what he was hearing had swayed him.

Baker says he understands that the Purple Line is competing with roads when it comes to infrastructure investments. Baker said his own constituents are concerned about the conditions of roads such as Route 210/Indian Head Highway.

Baker explained that he understands concerns about the conditions of roads and bridges.

“We had a bridge collapse in Beltsville, so we get that,” he said.

But Baker says the connectivity that the Purple Line offers in terms of tying business centers together, and spurring growth, make the expense worth it in the long run.

“When you weigh all the factors, the Purple Line makes sense,” Baker said."

See more about the meeting at: WTOP.COM

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