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It's Day 205 and We Need Your Help

You may have heard the news...

Last week, Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail - the organization whose frivolous lawsuit has stalled the Purple Line since last August - filed a claim asking the Federal Government to pay their attorney's fees - a cost of more than $500,000. The group is also planning a major fundraiser this weekend to support the lawsuit that has brought the project to a standstill for over 205 days.

Folks - the facts are, because of this lawsuit, the project is losing valuable time that could incur significant additional expenses (up to $13 million a month) for you, the taxpayer, to pay. The delaying action from the plaintiffs has already stalled hiring for construction jobs and risks delay of opening day. In addition, Purple Line NOW has put the popular Envisioning the Purple Line Series on hold until a judgment is rendered, which has hampered our own fundraising efforts.We now have only enough funding for two more months of operating costs.

In contrast to the opposition, Purple Line NOW is a shoestring operation - we exist on about $1,000 a month for all of our expenses, which includes bringing the well-regarded and informative Envisioning the Purple Line series to you, employing one part time staff member, and managing a board and team that meets several times a month to strategize and engage the larger community.

We need your help to keep the project and its enormous benefits in the public eye until the delay ends - at which time we can hit the ground running with an exciting new slate of community gatherings to help make the project the best it can be. In the meantime, we continue to work behind the scenes to ensure the train gets moving again - for example, just last week, we committed to support the Purple Line Corridor Coalition to help mitigate the disruption which construction may cause and to help assure the best outcomes for everyone affected by the project.

Purple Line NOW has been active and committed to the project for more than 15 years, and many of you have given your elbow grease, knowledge, and funds to see the project become a reality for even longer than that. 

We are SO close.

Please help us confront the well-funded opposition to this vital project - your contribution is essential. Giving is simple, just click here to Donate. Here are some suggestions, but any amount is helpful:

·       $205 = representing the 205 days the project has been on hold

·       $15 = a dollar for each year Purple Line NOW has been hard at work

·       Or, consider a Sponsorship. Your name (or your company's name) will be listed in all event literature and marketing.

Every bit helps and no amount is too small. Thank you for your consideration.


Members of the Executive Committee

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