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We Respond to This Morning's News...

We are committed to bringing you as much information as we can when news breaks about the Purple Line. The news over the past few days has contained a confusing mix of updates on the progress of negotiations between Maryland and the concessionaire, as well as the concessionaire and the builders. Our reaction to this morning’s news in the Washington Post (K. Shaver, Purple Line Consortium Will Dissolve P3 If Deal Not Reached, June 24, 2020) encourages all parties involved to find a way forward to complete the project.

Purple Line NOW Vice President Greg Sanders emphasized one critical constant, “The Hogan administration, the concessionaire, and key state, county, and local leaders are all agreed on their confidence in the Purple Line and of the importance of completing it in a timely manner.” The secrecy and sometimes brinkmanship involved in negotiations often mean that we only learn details in dribs and drabs, with good news reported one day and use of harder line negotiating tools the next. What is clear is that the best outcome remains a settlement with the concessionaire, but failing that, Maryland has options to ensure completion of the light rail project. Sanders added, "finding a path forward has to be the top transportation priority for the Hogan Administration, as an unnecessary delay extends the present disruption while putting off the great benefits that will come when we can all ride the Purple Line."

Purple Line NOW will continue to actively track these issues as they develop. In the meantime, President Ralph Bennett called on all parties to live up to their public statements, “The fundamental strengths of the Purple Line for providing mobility and fueling economic growth remain undiminished. We call on all parties to not be distracted by casting blame and to live up to their commitment to find a way to quickly complete construction while being good stewards of the resources provided by the people of Maryland.”

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