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Spring 2018 Purple Line Update

We wanted to bring you a few updates on the Purple Line project, now in full swing and moving along according to schedule!

“Connecting to the Metro lines leverages both systems phenomenally. Right now if you want to go from one end of the Red Line to the other, you’d have to go all the way downtown and all the way back out. I’d bet that’s an hour-and-a-half trip. With the Purple Line, you’ll go across and go back up. It probably cuts that trip time by two-thirds … It also gives a tremendous amount of transit options to people. Quite often you’ll find that the underemployed or unemployed are not in the same location as the jobs. You see people with a three-seat ride to get to their job because they have to ride a bus and then another bus and another bus. These are people who can sometimes least afford all that time because they have young children or have got to get them to school. So what we’re trying to do is provide opportunities for people to get to some of those better paying jobs and in some cases get job access at all.”

  • Montgomery County Council T&E committee held a work session on the Purple Line on March 22. You can view the session here: MC County T&E Committee Work Session. New PLTP CEO Fred Craig reported that the Community Advisory Teams (CATs) continue to meet regularly, and their feedback and input has been very helpful. You can view materials related to each meeting here: CATs Meeting Materials. The concessionaire also reported that they have had significant participation from “disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) and local Montgomery County small businesses.”

Along those lines, if you own a business along the Purple Line corridor that is being impacted by Purple Line construction, send Purple Line NOW an email at [email protected] so we can add you to a list that we will house on our website in an effort to remind our supporters that you are still open for business and need customers! Or, if you've moved due to construction impacts, we'll let our followers know where they can find you. 

You can check on the construction schedule at this link: Purple Line Construction Calendar. If you follow the link, you can sign up for those construction alerts to be sent directly to you by email.

  • Tree removal operations in forested areas along the route have concluded for the season (April through September) in accordance with federal law that protects migratory birds' nest.
  • Did you know that the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) has agreed to preserve and reuse the steel girders from the historic Talbot Avenue bridge? According to an article in The Washington Post (Part of historic Maryland bridge will be preserved along Purple Line trail), the girders will be "installed on a vacant state-owned parcel about two blocks from the bridge, near Talbot and Michigan avenues. They will form short walls on both sides of the Capital Crescent Trail to give runners and cyclists the feel of crossing a bridge."
  • If you haven’t heard, later this summer the 16th Street Post Office in Silver Spring will be temporarily relocated to the Silver Spring Library (a future stop for the Purple Line!) We’ll let you know the date of that relocation when we have it – here’s a short article on the plans: 16th Street Post Office to Temporarily Relocate.

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Our Board of Directors and our expansive team of thought leaders are working hard to make sure we are on top of the latest developments and keeping a watchful eye on any bumps along the way. Have a question about the project? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can provide the answers.

As always, we exist because of your elbow grease and financial support. Please consider a donation to Purple Line NOW – your support allows us to continue our work. Thank you!

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