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2010 Election demonstrates the widespread public support for the Purple Line.

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Purple Line NOW! asked all candidates for public office at the County Council level and higher in Montgomery and Prince George's County to sign a pledge that they support the Purple Line. Those who signed the pledge won their races in overwhelming numbers

    • The Purple Line was a defining issue in the race for governor (Maryland governor's race could determine Purple Line, Washington Post, Oct. 7, 2010.) Governor O'Malley, a strong advocate for the Purple Line, won decisively over former Governor Ehrlich, who campaigned against Purple Line light rail.
    • 40 of the 46 candidates for the state legislature who signed the pledge won their races. Among those few who lost, several lost to other candidates who had also signed the Purple Line pledge.
    • All nine candidates elected to the Montgomery County Council signed the pledge. Eight of the nine candidates elected to the Prince George's County Council signed the pledge. The elected County Executives for both counties signed the pledge.
    • Purple Line opposition is strongest in the Chevy Chase neighborhoods in Council District 1 and State Assembly District 18. Councilmember Roger Berliner, a strong Purple Line supporter, won the Council District 1 race by more than a 2-1 margin over a Purple Line opponent. Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, a strong Purple Line supporter, won her State District 18 race. Senator Madaleno, Delegate Carr, and Delegate Waldstreicher refused to sign the pledge and also won in District 18, but they showed their respect for the support the Purple Line has in their district by how they ran their campaigns - they chose to downplay their opposition to the Purple Line by not making any clear statements of their opposition in their campaign literature, websites, press releases or major appearances.

The text of the Purple Line Pledge and the list of general election candidates who signed the pledge follows.

2010 Purple Line Pledge:

I, the undersigned candidate for office in Montgomery, Prince George's County or the State of Maryland, enthusiastically support the State's locally preferred alternative for the Purple Line that was selected by Governor Martin O'Malley to submit to the Federal Transit Administration. I pledge that, if elected, I will provide political leadership to keep this project moving toward completion on the most expeditious schedule possible, and make every effort to build even further support for the project. The Purple Line that I support includes:

1. A generally at-grade light rail line that is primarily in its own right-of-way or in dedicated lanes.

2. Excellent service linking Bethesda, Silver Spring, College Park and New Carrollton Metro Stations with stops in Chevy Chase Lake, Long Branch, Langley Park, the University of Maryland on Campus Drive, Riverdale Park and other communities along the route.

3. Completion of the Capital Crescent Trail hiker-biker trail alongside the transit line on the Georgetown Branch right-of-way between Bethesda and Silver Spring where it will connect directly to the Metropolitan Branch Trail. 

4. A community- and environmentally-friendly design which mitigates negative impacts in a cost effective manner without impeding the speedy implementation of this project.

I Pledge my support for the Purple Line as described.

Candidates in the 2010 General Election who signed the pledge:

(*) Indicates those candidates who won their race.

(A few candidates responded that they strongly support the Purple Line but have a policy to not sign any formal pledges. A candidate's omission from this list does not necessarily signify opposition to the Purple Line.)

  1. Barbara Mikulski (D)*
  2. Eric Wargotz (R)

  1. Chris Van Hollen (D)* (D-8)
We have been unable to contact Representatives Donna Edwards (D)* (D-4) and Steny Hoyer (D)*(D-5). They are on record elsewhere as supporting the Purple Line.

1. Maria Allwine (G)
    Ken Eidel (G)
2. Martin O'Malley (D)*
    Anthony Brown (D)*


District 14

  1. Karen Montgomery (D)*
  1. Anne Kaiser (D)*
  2. Eric Luedtke (D)*
  3. Craig Zucker (D)*
District 15 Senate:
  1. Robert Garagiola (D)*
  1. Kathleen Dumais (D)*
  2. Brian Feldman (D)*
  3. Aruna Miller (D)*
District 16 Senate:
  1. Brian Frosh (D)*
  1. Bill Frick (D)*
  2. Ariana Kelly (D)*
  3. Susan Lee (D)*
District 17 Senate:
  1. Jennie Forehand (D)*
  1. Kumar Barve (D)*
  2. Dan Campos (R)
  3. Lutz Simmons (D)*
  4. Josephine Wang (R)
District 18 House:
  1. Ana Sol Guitierrez (D)*
District 19 Senate:
  1. Roger Manno (D)*
  1. Sam Arora (D)*
  2. Ben Kramer (D)*
District 20 Senate:
  1. Jamie Raskin (D)*
  1. Sheila Hixson (D)*
  2. Tom Hucker (D)*
  3. Heather Mizeur (D)*
District 39 Senate:
  1. Nancy King (D)*
  2. Robert Smith (R)
  1. Krill Reznik (D)*
  2. Shane Robinson (D)*


District 21 Senate:
  1. Jim Rosapepe (D)*
  1. Ben Barnes (D)*
  2. Scott W. Dibiasio (R)
  3. Joseline Pena Meinyk (D)*
District 22 Senate:
  1. Paul Pinsky (D)*
  1. Tawanna Gaines (D)*
  2. Anne Healey (D)*
  3. Justin Ross (D)*
District 23 Senate:
  1. Douglas Peters (D)*
District 23A House:
  1. James Hubbard (D)*
District 24 Senate:
  1. Joanne C. Benson (D)*
  1. Carolyn J. B. Howard (D)*
District 26 House:
  1. Holly Ellison Henderson (R)
District 47 Senate:
  1. Victor Ramirez (D)*
  1. Rachel Audi (R)
  2. Doyle Niemann (D)*
  3. Michael Summers (D)*


1. Ike Leggett (D)*

District 1
  1. Roger Berliner (D)*
District 2
  1. Craig Rice (D)*
District 3
  1. Phil Andrews (D)*
District 4
  1. Nancy Navarro (D)*
District 5
  1. Valerie Ervin (D)*
At Large
  1. Robert Dyer (R)
  2. Marc Elrich (D)*
  3. Nancy Floreen (D)*
  4. George Gluck (G)
  5. George Leventhal (D)*
  6. Hans Reimer (D)*


1. Rushern L. Baker III (D)*

District 1
  1. Mary A. Lehman (D)*
District 2
  1. Will Campos (D)*
District 3
  1. Eric C. Olson (D)*
District 4
  1. Ingrid M. Turner (D)*
District 5
  1. Andrea Fletcher Harrison (D)*
District 6
  1. Leslie E. Johnson (D)*
District 7
  1. Karen Toles (D)*
District 9
  1. Mel Franklin (D)*

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