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Purple Line NOW News - April 26, 2023

In today's edition of Purple Line NOW News, here's what you'll find:

  • What's Happening at PLN?
    • Why We Ask for Support
    • Montgomery County Planning Board News
  • Happening Along the Purple Line Corridor
    • Purple Line Corridor Coalition’s Housing Actions
  • Construction Updates and Project Features
    • Fitch Assessment of Purple Line Schedule
    • Other Items That Caught Our Eye
    • Photos Around the Corridor

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What' Happening


 Why We Ask for Support Each Month

Purple Line NOW was originally established to promote the approval and funding of the Purple Line project. We were so pleased when the project was finally approved after more than 20 years of advocacy and relieved the Purple Line would finally become a reality.

We have all learned since construction began that the challenges to complete the project have continued. We at Purple Line NOW understand that despite those challenges, the Purple Line will have an incredibly positive impact on the quality of life for commuters and travelers in our region. We have continued to work as a conduit between the community and builders so that questions and concerns can be addressed and to advocate for a final product that is a real asset for the communities it will serve.

To do that, we rely on your continued financial support.

We are so appreciative of each and every dollar that comes to us by way of a donation. We are a nonprofit organization that relies on donors to continue its mission and we cannot exist without your generosity each and every year. Your donation will be noted on our website and in all printed materials and at all events for a year following your contribution to Purple Line NOW. Curious as to when you last made a donation to us? You can check out our website or shoot us an email. If you don't see your name listed, we hope you will consider donating to our organization when you are able. Thank you, thank you.

Montgomery County Planning Board News

You may have been tracking a story regarding the turmoil that led to the departure of the entire Montgomery County Planning Board last year. As you may know, the Planning Boards for both Montgomery and Prince George's counties have had an important role to play in the building of the Purple Line, in particular working on connections beyond the right-of-way. This past week, the results of an independent investigation into the Montgomery County Planning Board's work environment exonerated the previous chair of the Planning Board, Casey Anderson. Mr. Anderson had worked tirelessly to prepare for the Purple Line during his tenure as Planning Board chair and we wish him all the best going forward. The new Planning Board will continue its critical role to prepare for the coming Purple Line.

Features and Highlights


Share Thoughts on Purple Line Corridor Coalition’s Housing Actions

The Purple Line Corridor Coalition (PLCC) includes a group of partners across Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. Our shared mission is to support racially and economically equitable growth near the Purple Line transit line. PLCC welcomes your thoughts on its draft Housing Action Plan: 2023–2027. This plan sets the big-picture direction for the coalition’s housing work. The coalition is updating its original housing action plan to ensure it reflects the needs and aspirations of Purple Line residents and communities today. The coalition is accepting comments on its draft Housing Action Plan: 2023–2027 until Sunday, April 30, 2023 by email or web form. Click here to learn more about the plan and to access the comment form in English & Spanish.

Construction Updates


Fitch Assessment of Purple Line Schedule

It may be worth reading the Fitch assessment of the Purple Line's schedule, as part of their rating of the bonds offered by the concessionaire:

“[O]wner utility adjustments are experiencing delays and causing projected [ revenue service availability] date to be 258 days behind. This is a moving target as it excludes agreed upon mitigation measures that could recover the schedule to just 81 days delay, but also does not account for future delays until all utilities are relocated. Though a formal change order has yet to be executed, parties are working towards it and indicate that interim schedule relief may be granted despite a desire to not have to continuously revise the project schedule.

Fitch views positively the working relationship to-date between owner, PLTP [Purple Line Transit Partners], and the [design-build joint venture], both on the ground and at the executive level, which appears to be collaborative and with aligned incentives. In contrast to the past, the owner issued a directive letter to PLTP instructing it to carry out several mitigation strategies and included a price and payment schedule for the works that the owner will fund while a formal change order is enacted. Fitch believes all parties will continue to work together to resolve issues as they arise in a timely manner.”

This is not the official assessment from either the State of Maryland or the Concessionaire, but is a positive sign that the tiger teams mentioned at the Purple Line Community Advisory Team meetings are succeeding in finding ways to mitigate sources of delay and that leadership on each side and the mechanisms to foster good communication are all doing their part.

Other Items that Caught Our Eye

Photos From Around the Corridor

Photo Courtesy: MDOT MTA

Photo Courtesy: MDOT MTA

Photo Courtesy: MDOT MTA

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