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Purple Line NOW Breaking News

Breaking News

Thank you to everyone who responded to our request on Wednesday and sent an email to Governor Hogan asking him to publicly commit to completing the Purple Line and to restart construction as soon as possible. Good news! On Thursday, the Governor offered that reassurance. (B. DePuyt, Maryland Matters, Hogan Offers Reassurances on Purple Line, 1 Oct 2020)

"We’re going to continue to move forward,” Hogan said. “We have a whole group of great construction companies that want to finish the job. The state is going to finish the job.” Check out the article for more details.

We are pleased that we now have more of a path forward, but as elected leaders and our members have expressed, the most immediate challenge is finding ways to minimize delay and resultant disruption. Stay tuned.

Purple Line Event Happening Today

We hope to learn more today (Saturday at 10 a.m.) at tours arranged by MTA and Montgomery County Councilmember Evan Glass. Purple Line NOW Board Members will be attending a few of these tours, but for those who are not in attendance, portions of the event will be streamed live on Facebook via Councilmember Glass' Facebook page.  We encourage you to share that link with those not in attendance.

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