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Purple Line Advocacy Group Cheers Court of Appeals Reinstatement

"We are encouraged, but not surprised, that the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has reinstated the Purple Line's environmental approval pending appeal," Purple Line NOW President Ralph Bennett said in a statement following the ruling this afternoon, elaborating, "this ruling does not just remove the legal obstacle that has wasted 11 months and countless millions, it is also a vote of confidence in the merit of the Purple Line's case. As the court noted in its order, contrary to Judge Leon's earlier ruling 'the State of Maryland has satisfied the stringent requirements for a stay pending appeal.'" 

Purple Line NOW Treasurer Tina Slater discussed what comes next. "The Federal Transit Administration had been only days away from a signing ceremony on a Full Funding Grant Agreement when the project was put on an unwarranted hold. We were heartened when the FTA joined the appeal and hope they will quickly execute the Purple Line's Full Funding Grant Agreement, so construction can begin without further costly delays. Thanks to our Congressional Delegation, the money for the project remains available, and we trust that along with Governor Hogan, they will see the project through the remaining federal steps to groundbreaking."

The stay allows movement forward, but does not completely resolve the final appeal. Purple Line NOW Vice President Greg Sanders added, "The plaintiffs had filed more frivolous motions at the district court level that mean that we do not yet know the briefing schedule for the final decision. However, by restoring the record of decision, the court has signaled that Maryland's relief does not need to wait on the resolution of these questions. The final decision is, of course, still important, but we trust that Maryland's case will prevail on the merits.

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