April 30, 2015

Help save the Purple Line!

The Governor makes his decision in May, and despite the other important issues on his mind that's a hard deadline. Fortunately for the Gov., it's an easy choice: either to invest in our state with a project that 66,990 daily riders by 2030 and a projected 27,000 new jobs or to turn away $900 million in federal funding and another $700 million plus in concessionaire financing. These coming weeks are your last time to make your voice heard, please ask him to build the Purple Line Now!

Before Purple Line decision, weigh in with Gov. Hogan one more time!

April 29, 2015

Light rail in HoustonBaltimore Sun/Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images (T.J. Kirkpatrick / Getty Images)

From a Purple Line supporter: In recent days in Baltimore, we've heard a lot both about the immediate sources of protester anger and the larger structure factors regarding a lack of opportunity and jobs. There are no simple answers, but as Sec. of Labor Perez said in a speech before the crisis, better transit can be part of the solution:

"Perez said investment in mass transit, such as the two light rail lines proposed for the Baltimore and D.C. regions, would increase the region's competitiveness and help people reach jobs more easily."

"We must be relentless on mass transit," Perez told a breakfast meeting of the Greater Baltimore Committee. "It isn't the Purple Line versus the Red Line. It should be the Purple Line and the Red Line."

Labor Secretary Perez promotes Red Line, high-speed rail

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